Trust and safety are our commitment to you - We pride ourselves on a platform built on trust and work hard to keep homes safe. 

That being said, accidents and incidents can happen. 

And when it comes to screening, every system has its flaws and that partly because past behaviour may not accurately predict how people will behave in the future, hence we advice that you carry out the the safety tips below:

  • Verify if the professional face-matches with his picture on the app

  • Verify if the phone number-matches with the one on the app & also call it to confirm

  • Valuable items should be kept away wherever the service/repairs is to be executed

  • Ensure other members of family & friends are aware of such transaction - since it is home based

  • The app generates OTP at the start & completion of tasks - to track/monitor the safety of both parties 

  • Also confirm from the professional the services he will be rendering if it matches with the service you have booked for

Please reach out to our customer success team via our Help Centre if anything goes wrong before/during/after service delivery.